Can your dog do this? Skateboarding pooch spotted in Jacksonville

Police officer captures video of dog playing on skateboard

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Think your dog knows a cool trick?

Jacksonville police spotted one that might beat it.

Officer Busatta with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office caught a dog skateboarding in Northwest Jacksonville.

He couldn't stop laughing as he captured the scene on video.

JSO shared the video on its Instagram page, adding "police see a lot of things" but that "this one will make you smile."

After JSO posted the clip, News4Jax tracked down the dog's owner.

Todd Ignowski said his red nose pit bull named Zeus taught himself how to skateboard. He said Zeus is not aggressive and loves children.

"I've had this whole road blocked with people videotaping," Ignowski said. "And he's still just a puppy.

The dog's owner said JSO gets all the credit for the viral video.

Watch the video below: