Thousands gather Downtown to support women's empowerment

For second year, women gathered for women's rights

Thousands gathered at the Jacksonville Landing Saturday for women's rights

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Thousands of people were at the Jacksonville Landing Sunday, gathering together for a national movement for women's empowerment. 

Countless people across the globe took to the streets this weekend for the women's march.

"It's important for me because I believe in an America of equality, and I don't believe our current presidential administration represents me as a woman, as an American (and) as a citizen of Jacksonville," participant Elisha Vogelsang said. "I want my children to see there's a huge community of people who believe like we do."

For the second year, people gathered in downtown Jacksonville holding signs high and shouting chants for women's rights. 

"We're here today to build on the momentum that began one year ago on this day when we had millions of people not only marching in Florida, but all over the world on all seven continents, marching for justice," women's march co-captain Jennifer Wolfe said. "We want all voices to be heard. We've got to, as women, bring our voices to the table and not only ourselves but our communities and our family."

Last year, thousands of people nationwide rallied against President Donald Trump on his inauguration day. 

"(We're) excited to have the mass numbers we have here today," women's march co-captain Bonnie Hendrix said. "What it says is we're not backing down, we're not giving up. There's a group of women in this country that's committed to the cause and we're going to the polls in November." 

More than 600 women's marches happened across the country this weekend. 

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