FSU QB Deondre Francois involved in domestic violence incident, police say

Girlfriend asked police not to press charges

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Tallahassee police say they are no longer actively investigating a domestic violence incident between Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois and his girlfriend, WKMG reports.

On Jan. 23 police were called to the apartment Francois shared with his girlfriend on reports of domestic violence. 

Francois' girlfriend told police that she entered the apartment and began arguing with Francois because he was upset his friend tried to "talk to her" and had instructed her not to speak with him.

She told police Francois broke down her bedroom door and threw her to the ground, cutting her forearm. She said Francois attempted to physically kick her out of the apartment, according the report.

Francois' girlfriend informed police that she was nine weeks pregnant and that she had told Francois about the pregnancy. 

Police took photos of Francois' girlfriend's forearm injury. She told police that she did not want to press charges.

When speaking with police, she told them that she did not want Francois to get into "trouble trouble" and asked if they could speak with him to "scare him a little." She also asked police if Francois would get in trouble if he had smoked weed, because she said he had done so earlier that day. 

Francois told police that he and his friend came to the apartment and began "relaxing and watching ESPN" when his girlfriend entered and began arguing with him. He said she began breaking things and threw a vase across the room of the apartment. Francois said she also attempted to pull the television off of the wall.

Francois said he attempted to pick her up "like a hug" and physically remove her from the apartment so she would not continue to break things, according to the report. He said that she started to swing at Francois and he let her hit him with no physical response.

Police said Francois told them that his girlfriend then ripped her shirt and said, "I am calling the cops for domestic violence." Francois said she cut her forearm on the broken vase.

When asked about his girlfriend's pregnancy, Francois told police his girlfriend had told him that she was pregnant, but had not provided any proof of the pregnancy. Francois told police that he did not believe his girlfriend because she was "known to make up lies."

Police said they were unable to establish enough probable cause to make an arrest for battery and that Francois left the scene with his friend, informing police he would be staying with his friend for the night.