WHAT-A-GIRL: 3-year-old puts Texas twist on Wonder Woman costume

GONZALEZ, Texas – A 3-year-old girl's Texas take on the famed D.C. Comics heroine Wonder Woman is putting a smile on the faces of many.

Ashlynn, a model for JG Photography in Gonzalez, Texas, was photographed enjoying Whataburger in a one-of-a-kind Whata-Wonder Woman costume organized by her mother.

The 3-year-old hammed it up for the cameras, wielding her orange sword while biting into a burger. 

From the headband to the orange boots, the girl's costume was spot on.

Ashlynn's mother said when they asked the general manager of the Gonzalez Whataburger whether they could do the mini-shoot on the property, they happily complied and even posed for a picture with the tiny tot.