Tamarind Thai shut down twice within weeks for roaches

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A local restaurant gets shut down not once, but twice within weeks. Things seem to have gone from bad to worse for Tamarind Thai.

The Riverside restaurant was caught again for roaches. This means it was forced to close a second time within weeks. We stopped by the restaurant but the manager wasn't in at the time.

According to the inspection report, Tamarind Thai closed for the day after inspectors found live roaches roaming near a table and cooler by the cook line. It's the same place where a dead roach and roach droppings were found. It had the same problem last month, when the inspector noted there were too many dead roaches to count. After a followup inspection, the roaches were gone and no major violations were found. It was allowed to open back up the next morning.

Reds Tavern in Fort White could have used better luck last week. It got caught red-handed when a rodent was spotted, dashing across the kitchen during the inspectors visit.  

Hundreds of old and fresh rodent droppings were found in the kitchen, on shelves next to plates, under the buffet, and in a box of pasta. The report even noted that a bag of seasoning had chew marks on it. A gap in the lobby was also spotted with saw dust- indicating the presence of rodent nesting or burrowing.

The restaurant did get to work with cleaning. It only took them a day and the inspector allowed them to re-open the next morning.