Construction underway for new bulkhead at Riverfront Park


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Construction of the new bulkhead at Riverfront Park is underway.

The riverfront area is a place where people fish, eat lunch, even lay out in the sun. The need for a new bulkhead was great because of erosion.

City Council Member Lori Boyer says it will be complete in May. Boyer says at that point there will be a functional bulkhead that will prevent the ongoing erosion issues we have seen in recent years.

Work began last year but the city was short of the required funds to complete the whole bulkhead. 
During the budget process in September, the city added funds to the project so it is now being constructed as one.

People who walk the San Marco area are happy the end is in sight.

"That view used to be beautiful. I was actually looking at old pictures the other day and I was like gosh I wish they would fix it already," said Zeina Hotzic.

"I used to come here all the time because I walk all the way around and read and enjoy, but now there's been a gate here since Matthew. So I just walk around and go back to Starbucks because there is nothing else to do," Juliana Tobi.

"If you come out here about five or six, it's the best sunset- one of the best in Jacksonville. I would be happy to see it open again the dogs could stroll through and have a seat on the bench. It is an oasis in Jacksonville," said Stuart Gamsey.

One negative is the removal of some of the palm trees. Trees were removed last fall. The contractor told the city removing the trees gave them more room. The city will now replace the trees at the city’s expense.

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