Deputies: Man arrested after bullet hits home occupied by family of 4

Shawn Wilson, 43, facing several charges

YULEE, Fla. – A man was arrested after a bullet from his gun went streaking across the street and hit a home with a family of four, including two children, inside, the Nassau County Sheriff's Office said.

It happened Saturday morning on Johnson Lake Road. 

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by News4Jax, Shawn Wilson, 43, of Yulee, was in his house when he shot at a man, missed and the bullet traveled across the street and hit the front of a home occupied by the family of four. 

Nassau County deputies said it all started when a man went to a home he previously lived in, which is now occupied by Wilson and other people. The man had intended to retrieve some of his personal property. He knocked on the door to let the occupants know he was there to get his property. 

According to deputies, Wilson began yelling at the man from inside the house, so the man walked back to his car, which was parked in the driveway. The man told deputies that Wilson walked out onto the front porch with a pistol in his hand and fired one shot at him. The man jumped into his car and sped away. 

Deputies said the bullet that was fired from Wilson’s gun and became lodged in the front of a house across the street, where Chad Chamberlain, his wife and two children live.

Chamberlain told News4Jax that the bullet struck the outside wall of his 6-year-old daughter's bedroom, where she was sleeping at the time. 

"It could have killed my young daughter, just as easy as it could have killed me or you, and that's the hard thing to live with. That would have been a really hard thing to live with if he shot my kid," Chamberlain said. "It's ridiculous that people are like that. They just fire a gun in mid-air and not think about it."

Wilson was arrested at the scene on charges of illegal possession of a handcuff key, shooting into an occupied dwelling, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Wilson was booked into the Nassau County Jail, where he was ordered held on $142,000 bond. 

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