Partially submerged boats in Cedar Creek pose hazard, neighbor says

Hyde Park resident says he's been trying to get boats removed for months

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man wants answers after two partially submerged boats have been sitting in Cedar Creek near his Hyde Park home for months. 

Lloyd Thurman told News4Jax on Monday that the abandoned boats have been floating in the creek for a year and both the 25-foot cab cruise and house boat partially sank in August.

He expressed concerned, saying the boats are a hazard.

"They've leaked out all kinds of gas and oil. So that's not good," Thurman said. "And then, aesthetically, it's not good to look at. And there's kids that come over here and jump on them."

His neighborhood has been trying to get government agencies to remove the eyesores, but said nothing is being done.

"Basically, the city says that it's the state and that the FWC, kind of, looks at it," Thurman said. "Then from there, they just, kind of, forget about it or something. I don't know what they do but they're not taking care of it."

Thurman was told the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission would be the agency responsible for removing the boats. But when FWC officers come out to investigate, he said, nothing gets done.

"We had another officer out here, maybe a month and a half ago. And he was supposed to talk to his higher-up and the higher-up was supposed to get a hold of us," Thurman said. "And then it's nothing. It just disappears."

Until he sees the boats are finally out of the water, Thurman said, the neighborhood is at a loss for when the creek will finally be cleaned. 

He said hopes action will be taken soon. 

FWC could not be reached for comment Monday evening. 

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