MAD DADS canvass neighborhood where 9 people were killed

Group looks to break code of silence

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A group looking to break the code of silence walked Saturday in the Durkeeville area.

MAD DADS met up at Seventh Street at Myrtle Avenue to canvass the neighborhood where there have been nine homicides. The most recent was of 41-year-old Veta Muller, who was shot in the face and stomach. The other eight homicide victims this past year ranged in age of 24 to 43.

The group said the mindset of not saying anything when someone sees a crime has to stop, or the violence never will.

"We have to understand the way we are going to have a crime, violent, drug-free neighborhood is that we call and break the code of silence to remove the individuals around that are responsible for these crimes from the streets of Jacksonville," said Donald Foy with MAD DADS.

"It's out of control with the number of homicides in this area alone," Foy said. "You have a lot of families over here in this neighborhood."

MAD DADS said you can always remain anonymous if you fear retaliation by calling and reporting what you know to Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS. But until people start reporting, they believe, the violence will continue because it's allowed by those who remain silent.

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