Hummus factory planned for ill-fated Jacksonville BBQ plant


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An entrepreneur aims to succeed where Jacksonville City Councilwoman Katrina Brown. He plans to do so by opening a hummus factory in the same location where Brown's family barbecue sauce venture fizzled.

David Hicks bought the plant and remaining equipment for $1.3 million  in July after a lender foreclosed on the holding companies that ran the sauce plant, according to the Jacksonville Daily Record.

The newspaper reported that Hicks, 51, is a Bolles grad and businessman who plans to pump $300,000 into the facility on Commonwealth Avenue in the hopes of getting up and running by June.

“This is where we will be rising from the ashes,” Hicks told the Daily Record.

Hicks took an interest in hummus during his travels in 2007, according to the report. After some culinary training, he perfected his own recipe. Now he plans to channel that knowledge into his new business.

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