Drivers surprised on-street parking removed from parts of Hendricks, San Jose

Some on-street parking eliminated as part of FDOT resurfacing project

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many drivers were surprised to find on-street parking has been removed from parts of Hendricks Avenue and San Jose Boulevard in the San Marco and Miramar neighborhoods.

Last month, the Florida Department of Transportation started a resurfacing and improvement project along Hendricks Avenue and San Jose Boulevard that includes adding bicycle lanes along the route and the removal of on-street parking between San Marco Boulevard and Cornell Road. 

But many drivers and business owners told News4Jax on Wednesday that they're not happy about the inconvenience. 

"Parking can be very frustrating," Tommie Davis said. 

Andy Baker, co-owner of The Antique Fox, said he was upset when the parking spots outside his antique store disappeared. He said it's been affecting customers and business. 

"They can't park out front to pick it up and my vendors can't unload," Baker said. "They have to park down the street and carry things a long way to bring them in. It's inconvenient."

The Department of Transportation's original plan included the addition of bicycle lanes and the removal of on-street parking along the entire 3-mile stretch. But after some community feedback, FDOT decided to keep on-street parking on a portion of San Jose Boulevard where there's a concentration of businesses, such as Metro Diner. But FDOT had to narrow the median to make that happen. 


In about three months, parking will be added back on Hendricks Avenue between Dunsford Road and Peachtree Circle North. For now, customers will have a difficult task when looking for a parking spot.

"I have a lot of patience. But I don't have patience for parking," Davis said. "I will not drive around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot to go to a restaurant or shop. It's not going to happen."

Metro Diner sits in the middle of the construction zone. When its parking lot is full, customers have had to pack the streets of the neighborhood next door. 

"Typical day at Metro Diner. Most of the time this is what it looks like -- cars parked up and down the street," said Jon Lumpkin, who lives off San Jose Boulevard. "I welcome it. Nothing wrong with me."

Unlike some of his neighbors, Lumpkin said that the inconvenience will be worth it in the end. 

"There's a lot of people around here that ride bikes," he said. "So for their safety, I'm glad they did it."

The project includes crosswalk improvements and is expected to be finished by spring 2019.

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