An amazing February weather pattern, but it has its blemishes

Dense fog is likely late tonight, mostly west of the intracoastal waterway

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Beautiful morning throughout Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia as partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures will continue into the afternoon hours.

Patchy dense fog kicks-off today, mainly inland not as much along the coast.

Temperatures will remain in the 60s through 8 a.m. and quickly pop into the 70s as the sun comes out around 10 a.m.

Friday morning starts off foggy.
Friday morning starts off foggy.

Dense fog is likely late tonight and Saturday morning, Sunday morning, etc,. Yes, we will see morning dense fog (especially in the inland locations) for the foreseeable future.

We are in an amazing weather pattern.

A large sub-tropical high pressure will establish itself just off the Southeast United States and this will pump up warm temperatures from the Keys to Boston Massachusetts. 

For Jacksonville, our daytime temperatures will "pop" each afternoon to near record highs, everyday, for the next 10 days. And unlike summer, record highs this time of year are right around the sweet spot in the Gaughan Gauge (76-83°).

Fabulous Friday (after some morning fog).
Fabulous Friday (after some morning fog).
10-Day Forecast
10-Day Forecast

Forecast tonight
8 p.m. 72° - Nice
10 p.m. 68° - Nice
12 midnight 64° - Fog forms
6 a.m. 58° - Foggy
8 a.m. 60° - Foggy
10 a.m. 68° - Sunny
12 Noon 76° - Sunny, Warm

Sunrise 7:07 a.m.
Sunset 6:15 p.m.



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