Former Clay County student survives Parkland shooting

Photo from GoFundMe of Missy (left) and Maddy (right)
Photo from GoFundMe of Missy (left) and Maddy (right)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A former Clay County high school student is recovering after she was injured in Wednesday’s Parkland shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people.

Madeline Wilford was shot several times, according to her family. In a Facebook post, her mother, Missy Wilford, thanked friends for the support and prayers.

"I wanted to give an update since there has been an outpouring of love and prayers on her behalf and I as her Mother I have truly felt them. Madeleine made it through her second surgery, she incurred multiple gunshot wounds with an AR-15 assault rifle. The surgeons didn’t know how many exactly, but she is alive which is a miracle. As the surgeons said, it only takes one. She had one that went through her back, crushing her ribs , piercing through her right lung and exiting through her stomach. Several went through the shoulder and traveled the length of her right arm before exiting. She lost so much blood, but she is stable and in ICU. She will undergo a third surgery tomorrow to put in permanent titanium plates to hold her ribs together. Even after all of that, the bullets missed her liver, reproduction organs, heart, she could have been paralyzed. It is a miracle. Please keep the prayers coming for all the families, especially for one of the youth from church that still hasn’t been found as of yet. Her name is Alaina. The doctors seem positive that Madeleine is young and strong and will recover over time. She is on a ventilator since she has one lung and the ribs are crushing the other. God give me strength that I do not possess on my own. Thank you to all of my friends, especially Danielle Koon, who drove and ran with me for almost 6 miles trying to find out answers as we waited." - Missy Cantrell Wilford.

Clay Superintendent Addison Davis also took to Twitter to send his prayers:


Wilford was an athlete on the Stoneman Douglas High School basketball team. Her coach asked her support and prayers for her recovery.

‪One of my basketball players is fighting for her life! Please pray for Maddy Wilford. She was shot several times Keep...

Posted by Marilyn Heinrich on Thursday, February 15, 2018


Wilford is fighting for her life and a GoFundMe account has been created to help her family pay for medical expenses.