Health inspectors cite Southside, Cedar Hills restaurants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A nice meal while dining out can easily be ruined if you get food poisoning.

It's the reason why state inspectors visit hundreds of restaurants each week to make sure your health isn't at risk. Some restaurants had violations that required minor fixes while others were ordered to briefly shut down.

Starting on Jacksonville's Southside, Bawarchi Indian Restaurant on Baymeadows Road failed its first inspection of the year with seven high-priority violations. According to the inspector's report, the main problem was an issue with cooling and heating food. A stop sale was ordered for yogurt, fish, eggs, chicken and meat because of temperature abuse. The restaurant is now due for a follow-up inspection.

Moving on to Cedar Hills, the next stop was at Krystal on Blanding Boulevard. The fast-food chain was cited with seven high-priority violations. During the inspector's visit, an employee was seen cracking eggs, and then touching bread and ready-to-eat sausage with the same gloves. A buildup of a mold-like substance was also found in the ice bin, ice machine and soda nozzles. An order has been placed for a re-inspection.

Despite failing their inspections, both of these restaurants were allowed to stay open.