San Marco bar officially reopens doors after Hurricane Irma

Sherwood's Bar, around over 50 years, gets revamp

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Businesses are still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and one staple bar in Jacksonville's historic San Marco neighborhood officially reopened its doors Friday after being flooded in September.

Raymond Lutzen has poured blood, sweat and tears into Sherwood's Bar. Making the bar over has been a four-month journey. It's one his family is glad is finally over.

“We had water that was belly button-deep in here," Lutzen said of the bar. "It was amazing. The St. Johns River just came in the front door and kind of ruined everything."

Not much survived inside the bar. Photos show just how much water was inside.

Sherwood's has been around for a little more than 50 years and, with the revamp, it has never looked so good.

The bar is known to be smoker-friendly, and although it will continue to be that way, Lutzen said the improvements are going to make it more comfortable for all patrons.

"My AC guy tells me that there’s going to be so much air moving in here, you won’t be able to keep your hat on your head," Lutzen said.

He said the same faces will be back working behind the bar, and they are all excited to be back open and serving their regulars and new customers to come.

Lutzen said, after all of the stress, they are finally able to smile about what they've been through.

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