Uninvited guests prompt 2 restaurants to close temporarily

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There's always a risk when dining out.

A nice meal can easily take a wrong turn if the customer get food poisoning afterwards.
With safety in mind, News4Jax checks in weekly with state inspectors, who visit hundreds of restaurants to make sure people's health isn't at risk.

In this Restaurant Report, two eateries didn't measure up and were forced to close temporarily.

What's the worst thing about an uninvited guests, such as rodents? How about the unwanted mess they leave behind, including rodent droppings.

America's Best Value Inn on U.S. Highway 441 in Alachua County was closed for a few hours earlier this month.

Inspectors didn't see any rodents, but they said they did spot five rodent droppings under the breakfast bar.

The inn was also cited for a less-obvious violation -- storing items in the wrong place. Items, including coffee filters and utensils, were stored under the sink and on the breakfast bar. 

That wasn't up to state standards and had to be corrected.

A few hours later, the restaurant scored a spotless inspection and reopened for the weekend.

Roaches can also be among the unwanted guests.

That's why AKI 7, a Pan-Asian restaurant on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville's Arlington area, got the order to close. 

More than 20 roaches darted out of a fridge when pest control started spraying the area. Inspectors said four to five dead roaches were also found by the fridge, under the sink and the back door.

According to the report, more roaches were found on the ice machine and wall during two follow-up inspections.

AKI 7 was able to open back up two days later once all the bugs were terminated.

In this Restaurant Report, News4Jax also wanted to send a shoutout to the Hemingway House Bed and Breakfast Inn in St. Augustine. Employees do not mess around when it comes to keeping the inn clean and pristine, and their hard work earned the inn a perfect, spotless inspection.