Dog flu, spring travel; what pet owners should know


The nation is struggling with the worst flu season in years, and dog flu is also a concern. 

As thousands of Americans will travel during spring break, you may be wondering what you need to do to make sure your pet is safe. 


Dr Jamie Pickett, the chief veterinary officer for Pet Paradise, says that the dog flu came to the U.S.

in 2004. A new strain appeared in 2015, with increased cases in the recent years, something that more dog owners need to be aware of.


Pickett highly recommends pet owners discuss with their vet the onset of dog flu and its symptoms, as well as their pet's lifestyle and activity , to make the most informed decisions before traveling for spring break. 


Spring travel tips:

  • Schedule a wellness checkup for your pet – make sure they are up-to-date on all vaccinations and if you plan on traveling with your pet get a health certificate.
  • A health certificate within 10 days of travel is needed to cross state lines if driving or flying with a pet. 
  • More pets are outside during spring time and with travel – make sure your pet is microchipped. In the event a pet is lost, a microchip is a safeguard to help the pet get back home.
  • If you are planning on traveling with your pet in your car, make sure you pack a travel kit with food, water, medications, a bed and/or a crate for your pet. 
  • If you are looking for a place to leave your pet, make sure you take a tour and ask for recommendations from family and friends. In addition to asking around, make sure you schedule a tour of the resort you are interested in and during the tour, ask the appropriate questions you know your pet best.

Pickett says taking the necessary precautions can keep your pet safe and healthy.