Police: Man arrested on stalking charge after trying to lure woman into ladies' room

Klaid Karpuzi, 40, told police 'I am too kind to women, and it gets me nowhere'

Booking photo of Klaid Karpuzi
Booking photo of Klaid Karpuzi

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A Jacksonville Beach man was arrested on a misdemeanor stalking charge after he tried to convince a woman to join him in the ladies room at the Marsh Landing Publix on Friday, according to police.

Police records state that, on Friday, Klaid Karpuzi, 40, approached a woman at the Marsh Landing Publix and started a conversation with her. The woman grew uncomfortable and went inside the store, where Karpuzi then approached her again to talk, police said.

The woman went to the front of the store and told the manager. Within seconds of her notifying the manager, Karpuzi approached the woman again and walked into the women's bathroom and then came back out.

According to police, Karpuzi told the woman, "The men's bathroom is broken. Do you want to go into the female bathroom with me?"

The woman said no.

Karpuzi left Publix to go to his car, which was parked in front of Ace Hardware and then approached another woman, asking if the hardware store was open, according to police.


When officers interviewed the woman, she described a man and a vehicle which matched the description of a subject Officer T.W. Brown arrested a few weeks ago for stalking another female in Jacksonville Beach. 

Police said they went to Karpuzi's home and interviewed him. He admitted he had gone up to a woman in Publix and said she had been "giving him cues that she wanted to get with him." He also admitted to walking up to a second woman in front of the hardware store.

According to the police report, Karpuzi was asked why he did not try internet dating and he became angry and said "I am to kind too women, and it gets me nowhere."

Karpuzi said he approaches random women because other methods of meeting woman have not proven fruitful for him in the past, the police report states.