Mayor helps with much-needed repairs to Jacksonville streets

1,660 potholes repaired in last 12 months, Mayor Lenny Curry says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry on Wednesday took to the streets.

Well, he actually took to fixing the streets himself.

The mayor was repairing potholes with public works employees.

Thought it may have looked like a campaign stunt, Curry said it wasn't. He told News4Jax it was to show they are finally making much-needed repairs to streets. 

The city said it maintains 3,700 miles of roads -- the distance of Jacksonville to California and halfway back. 

Danielle Brown is getting ready to open up a new shop in the Springfield, an area known for bad roads.

"(It's) horrible," Brown told News4Jax on Wednesday. "If you live on that street, you’re definitely going to have issues with your tires."

That's why Curry was out making repairs. 

As he helped fix a pothole in an industrial area on the city's Northside, Curry explained that he wanted to show what his administration is doing for infrastructure throughout Jacksonville. 

"We are in catch-up mode," Curry said. "But we have been finding these things and getting them done."

Public works officials said residents will see more road work being done. They pointed to Third Street in Springfield, which will be redone soon.

Curry blames the past administration, former Mayor Alvin Brown, for most of the problems.

"We had experienced years of neglect, going back a few budgets before I got into office," Curry said. "So we are now finding things, not only infrastructure, but basically maintenance."

In the last 12 months, Curry said, 1,660 potholes have been repaired. He said the upkeep is important. 

Curry asked any Jacksonville resident who has a road problem to either call 630-CITY, or see him or any City Council member and let them know. 

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