McDonald's gets unexpected visit from roaches, health inspector

Inspector also stops by seafood restaurant in Northwest Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Fries and an apple pie are some good sides to pair with your Big Mac. But cockroaches? Not so much.

It wasn't such a happy meal when inspectors surprised the McDonald's on Dunn Avenue in Jacksonville.

The restaurant was cited for eight violations, including two that were high priority. According to the inspection report, four live roaches were spotted along the wall and by the grill in the kitchen.

They were all killed within two hours and McDonald's was back to business in just hours.

Up next is JJ's Crab House on Soutel Drive in Northwest Jacksonville. The seafood spot reeled in 12 violations, four of which were high priorities. Seven dead roaches were hanging out in the lobby.
A dead rodent was spotted behind the water heater. Two flies, roach droppings and a dozen rodent droppings were also present during the inspection.

After three hours of major cleaning, the restaurant was cleared to reopen.