'Serial flag thief' gets arrested after deputies help him catch loose horses

Charles Cowart Jr. told deputies he 'had something to show them'

Provided by Flagler County Sheriff's Office
Provided by Flagler County Sheriff's Office

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – A man who police believe stole at least 12 flags from Flagler County got himself arrested after Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputies helped him catch two runaway horses.

After deputies helped Charles Cowart Jr. retrieve the horses on County Road 305, Cowart told deputies that he had "something to show them" at his residence. 

Cowart went into the residence and then came out with a very large American Flag. Police determined it was the same flag that had been reported stolen earlier in the day from the Indian Trails Sports Complex in Palm Coast.

That was not the only flag Cowart had to show deputies, however. Cowart was in possession of a
total of 12 flags that had all been reported stolen from various locations within Flagler County over the
past two years. 

“This guy obviously had a guilty conscience,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “Our deputies went above and
beyond to assist him and I’d like to believe that is why he felt the need to come clean and return the
stolen property. We will not tolerate any form of theft in Flagler County. I’m glad that the flags were
returned to their rightful owners. I look forward to seeing the flags back up in the air where they

Cowart was arrested on three charges of felony violation of probation offenses along with
petit theft and grand theft. He is being held at the Flagler County Detention Facility with no bond.

Police said Cowart has a long arrest history in Flagler County for various offenses including aggravated assault, contempt of court, shoplifting, burglary, kidnapping, disorderly intoxication, cruelty to animals and DUI.

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