UNF on-campus group responds to 'alarming' rumors

'God the Mother' group approached at least one student, UNFPD says

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Campus police at the University of North Florida put out a safety reminder to students after one student said they were approached on campus by a religious organization called “God the Mother."

The reminder from police said if you search the group on the internet, you will find accusations that “God The Mother” is a human trafficking organization.  The UNFPD said they can find no evidence the group is part of human trafficking, however, it has been referred to as a "cult."

UNF officials told News4Jax that this appears to have been an isolated, single incident on campus for one student. They said this religious organization is not regularly on campus, but they do warn students to be cautious when approached by strangers.

According to the UNF student newspaper, The Spinnaker, "Typically, individuals are approached by a man and a woman who invite you to a 'Bible study.' If you actually engage them in conversation, they will try and show you specific Bible passages to make you think they have a unique and totally true but different interpretation of the Bible."

Victor Lozada, who identified himself as a missionary belonging to World Mission Society Church of God, reached out Tuesday to News4Jax. He said the rumors about the church are both false and harmful, noting that members have received harassing phone calls and death threats.

"We have members of our congregation who are students in the school, and we are also very active in the community. Due to this it is guaranteed that students of UNF will encounter our Church members somewhere else, even if it is not on school grounds. Our fear is that our members who are students, or those who look to be students in the future may face religious persecution and discrimination due to these false allegations," the statement said in part.

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