Neighbors want to end speeding on Fernandina Beach road

Woman says speeder killed her brother

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – People who live on Springhill Road in Fernandina Beach are complaining about people speeding.

According to residents, many drivers ignore numerous signs warning of children and speed by at 50 mph in a 30 mph zone.

One woman said her young brother was killed instantly while playing in a ditch in the yard when a driver speeding down the road lost control and struck him.

"I’m complaining because I watched someone lose their life. It happened to be my brother," said the woman, who wished to remain anonymous. "I would hate for that to happen to anybody’s child. It’s just unbelievable how fast they do speed on this road."

"We have a lot of children at play on this road and they don't realize it takes on second for a child to come out the driveway," the woman said.

Another neighbor said he has seen drivers speeding in the area, but noticed drivers slow down when officers are out.

Both residents said they think more officers on patrol would help the problem, as well as ticketing those who speed.

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