Neighbors hit hardest by Hurricane Irma reflect 6 months later

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Recovery work continues on some houses six months since Hurricane Irma hit Northeast Florida. Every county in the Florida was impacted by the storm in some way.  

In Clay County, homeowners were forced to trash the contents of their homes damaged by flood waters.

In Duval County, a river flowed through Downtown, damaging businesses and homes.

In St. Johns County, many were still rebuilding from Hurricane Matthew when they found themselves rebuilding once again after Irma. Several neighbors on Ferdinand Avenue left before Hurricane Irma hit. But those that stayed witnessed the wrath of Irma on their front yards and throughout their community.

"It's still not back to normal. It's just a lot of work," said Jack Riggs, who has lived on Ferdinand Avenue for the past five years. Trees toppled over his yard and water filled his driveway immediately after the storm. For Riggs and his neighbors, Hurricane Irma was a case of deja vu.

One neighbor had to spend $18,000 to remove a septic tank in their backyard right after Hurricane Matthew.

"We lost a lot more from Matthew. Motorcycles, all kinds of stuff. But it is, what it is," said Riggs.

Neighbors along Ferdinand Avenue say a line was drawn to mark how high the water got up during Hurricane Irma. With Matthew, they say the line water reached several inches higher.

For Sale signs are something neighbors noticed have been popping up around Davis Shores in the months after Irma. After experiencing two hurricanes in less than a year, Riggs says it got to be hard for some, but he plans to stick around.

"If it comes again, we're just going to raise everything up. We put in fans and dehumidifiers and all that. It dries out," said Riggs.

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HURRICANE IRMA: It's been 6 months since the storm hit. How is your home & community recovering? Share your stories or photos below.

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