Repeat offender, bug infestations make this week's Restaurant Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – From a repeat offender on the Southside to a bug infestation in Cedar Hills, six restaurants were shut down in this week's Restaurant Report.

One of those was a shock to employees, who told News4Jax they walked up to work Monday to find out they no longer had jobs at the Tilted Kilt pub in Tinseltown.

According to a note posted on the front doors, the pub is temporarily closed for renovation and will reopen soon.

The corporate office responded with a statement when we requested comment:

We were alerted last week of the unexpected closing of the Jacksonville, Florida pub. Tilted Kilt remains a vibrant and growing brand, with over 50 thriving locations and an additional five in development."

Next up on our list is a repeat offender on Beach Boulevard.

Inspectors found 21 violations at Hamburger Mary's that pose a risk to patrons' health: eight dead roaches, 20 flies, and seven live roaches were found throughout the kitchen.

The inspection also found an accumulation of dead or trapped birds, insects, rodents and other pests.

It took a day to eliminate the unwanted guests, but the restaurant reopened the next day.

Golden Corral on Southside Boulevard faced their first closure last week after 22 dead roaches and 12 live roaches caught the inspector's attention.

A warning was also issued for dirty utensils that had old food stuck on them.

The restaurant reopened after a couple hours.

DJ'S Wings, a food truck serving shrimp, chicken tenders and wings was forced to pump the brakes and shut down for close to two hours. According to the inspection report, the food truck had a broken sink and no running water. As a result, the employees couldn't wash their hands.

Gubbio's Italian Restaurant is also back on the list. The Baymeadows joint was closed six months ago for roaches. It's the same story this time around. Seven dead roaches were found near the pizza oven. Nine live roaches were also found and killed by the owner. The restaurant passed a follow-up inspection the next day with zero problems.

Cedar Hills Bono's on Jammes Road got to cleaning after bugs forced a brief closure. Ten flies were spotted in the dining room server area, 15 others were counted in the kitchen and areas where food is stored and 13 rodent droppings were removed by the manager. The restaurant is due for a follow-up inspection.