Woman troubled by arrest of her child's father in Operation Be Mine

Michael Glenn among 14 men accused of soliciting children for sex

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville woman was shocked to learn the father of her daughter was arrested in an investigation called Operation Be Mine.

Bartender Michael Glenn, 35, was among 14 men accused of soliciting online for sex with someone who they thought was a girl age 14 or under were arrested in Putnam County in the investigation involving 12 agencies, authorities announced Wednesday. 

Seeing Glenn's mug shot next to those of the other 13 men fueled many unsettling emotions for Ashley Farrell, the mother of Glynn's 7-year-old daughter.

"My skin felt hot and my brain was just running and running," Farrell told News4Jax on Thursday. "How do I explain this to my kid that your dad is going to jail for trying to mess with a little girl your age? It hurts. It's scary. It's sad."

Farrell said she hopes Glenn will be fully prosecuted. 

Attorney Percy King said the maximum sentence for soliciting a child for sex is 15 years, but if the person arrested is a first-time offender, there is a chance the charge could be dropped.

"If you don't have any previous history, criminal history, what they'll do is: They'll drop it to unlawful communication with a two-way communication device," King said.

Farrell said she hopes that won't be the case for Glenn.

"Knowing that he’s behind bars, I feel safer, honestly," she said. "And I want it to stay that way.”

Farrell also said she hopes parents will teach their children about online safety and monitor their online activity.

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