Milder days ahead

Warm Saturday; then much-need rain moves in Sunday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today turned pretty after a freezing start, we warmed into the mid to upper 60s under mostly sunny skies. 

Tonight expect temperatures to turn chilly quickly- we are not in danger of freezing again, but we will sink down through the 40s into the upper 30s for a cold start to the weekend. Expect mostly clear skies and quite low relative humidity.

Saturday starts out chilly, but turns mild. Expect sunny skies and light wind from the south, between 5-10 mph. Temperatures will climb into the mild mid 70s with plenty of sunshine.

Sunday the chances for rain have dried out a bit and pushed later into the evening and mostly overnight hours. Expect partly cloudy skies with building afternoon clouds. The chances for rain in the afternoon and into the evening hours builds up to 40%, meaning that most of Sunday for most people will be dry. The only significant chances for showers are during the overnight hours, there may be a few showers left over Monday morning. 


Hourly Forecast:
High 64
6 pm 60
8 pm 52
10 pm 50

Sunrise:  6:43 am
Sunset:  6:31 pm

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