Motorcyclists stop in area on way to Daytona Bike Week

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – With hundreds of thousands of people flocking to Daytona Beach for one of the world's largest motorcycle events, drivers may notice a lot more motorcycles on the road than usual.

People from as far north as Canada made the trip down just for Daytona Bike Week, and many are making stop in the local area.

Motorcyclists can be heard roaring through the streets of St. Augustine. They can also be seen lining the streets and packing shops as they make a pit stop on their way to Daytona.

The event is something local businesses have been looking forward to and preparing for it.

"We brought in some extra stock," Liquid Metal Designs manager Yvonne Schenk said. "My owner came in and made sure we had everything out, so we’re hoping that it goes."

"It’s our very very busy season, so down in St. Augustine, we get excited, because we get lots of tourists, a lot of people coming in," said Renie Lyniuk with Adamec Harley-Davidson said. "It’s just really great."

St. George Street was packed Sunday afternoon as visitors searched for something special to take back home.

"They’re coming down here, they’re enjoying themselves, and they're buying." Schenk said.

"Even if we don’t have enough room in our saddlebags, there’s loads of things to buy," said Hyla Mendelow, who's visiting from Toronto.

Many motorcyclists are making the trip down to Florida to escape the cold. License plates from places like New York, Delaware and Minnesota were seen on the streets.

"We left 6 inches of snow, 20 degrees," said Bob Mitchem, who is visiting from Delaware. "(We) got here yesterday. Sunshine, and we are happy."

Daytona Bike Week runs through March 18.

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