Men charged with assaulting security officers at Jacksonville Landing

Kevin Pilkinton, Daniel Clark arrested

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two men were arrested and charged with assaulting security officers after an incident Monday evening at the Jacksonville Landing downtown, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

According to an arrest report, 33-year-old Kevin Pilkinton and 26-year-old Daniel Clark were at Chicago Pizza on Monday night, had too much to drink and were making other customers nervous.

Two security guards were called, and they asked Pilkinton and Clark to step outside and talk it over. The two started yelling racial profanities at the guards, then Clark ripped a hat off one of them, and shoved the other, according to the arrest report.

The guards reacted by body-slamming Clark and Pilkinton, which subdued Pilkinton, but Clark ran off, only to be caught by JSO, police said. 

Clark started spitting in the patrol car, and yelling he had HIV, before the officers put a spit mask on him, the arrest report states.

Both men are charged with assaulting security officers and disorderly conduct. Clark is also charged with resisting arrest.