Fake cop pulling over women, sexually assaulting them, Georgia police say

Two sketches have been completed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's sketch artist. The victim in Atlanta provided the description of man wearing skull call and the Cobb victim provided description of man with glasses.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. – Georgia authorities are searching for a man accused of posing as an officer, pulling over two women over and sexually assaulting them hours apart on Atlanta-area roadways.

Police said the fake officer was driving a vehicle with lights on top of it.

Investigators said he was wearing a uniformed shirt, a badge, and a police duty belt with a gun, stun gun, and radio.

According to investigators, he pulled the victim over, asked for her identification, then sexually assaulted her.

Atlanta police told FOX 5 News they are searching for a man accused of committing similar attacks on women on Saturday morning. 

Victims describe the suspect as a white male, between 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches tall, with an athletic build. He may be wearing a skull cap and has scruffy brown or black facial hair. 

Authorities are reminding drivers that if they feel uncomfortable during a traffic stop, they should pull into a well-lit area if possible and call 911 to verify if they are being stopped by a legitimate officer.

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