Trapped by traffic in a Clay County neighborhood

Oak Creek residents say merging onto U.S. Hwy 17 is major problem

FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. – Busy highways in Fleming Island are causing big headaches for residents of the Oak Creek neighborhood. Residents are urging the Department of Transportation to install a traffic light. 

The area is located near the intersection of Denmark Drive and U.S. Highway 17, just north of County Road 220.

Amy Stalker lives in the Oak Creek subdivision and said merging onto Highway 17 is during rush hour is almost impossible. 

"I would say we're trapped in here. It's taken like 20 minutes to get out," Stalker said.

Stalker has been fighting with the Department of Transportation for years over the problem with little success.

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She said the only thing the DOT has done is put up signs that read, "Do not block the intersection," and that DOT officials told her the need for a stoplight is based on the number of left-hand turns made to head north. She called the study flawed because it's impossible to make a left-hand turn.

"It's extremely frustrating. I know everybody in the neighborhood is upset and trying to do something about it," Stalker said.

DOT officials say they have been working on a traffic study for the corridor that should be complete within three to four weeks. Then the decision will be made on whether a traffic light will be installed. 

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