Again? Diamondback rattlesnake spotted in Jacksonville area

(Photo: Derek Tyson)
(Photo: Derek Tyson)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For the second time in a week, someone has spotted an eastern diamondback rattlesnake in the Jacksonville area -- this time near Nocatee.

The rattler cropped up Easter Sunday near the K9s For Warriors facility on Palm Valley Road. Photos of the snake were uploaded to Twitter by Derek Tyson.

"Hey @k9sforwarriors, saw this large Eastern Diamondback rattler over by your facility on Sunday afternoon. Be careful with your dogs!" Tyson warned in a tweet.

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"Couldn't believe it at first," Tyson told News4Jax. "We've seen lots of snakes around here, but none that big."

To put things in perspective, Tyson said the snake was stretched nearly all the way across a 10-foot-wide golf cart path, which is wider than the average sidewalk.

Sunday's sighting comes a week after a Jacksonville couple got up close and personal with a 6-foot-long diamondback in the Oakleaf area.

Diamondbacks are native to Florida, where they play a vital role in keeping rodent populations in check, according to Emily Fyfe, senior herpetology keeper for the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

As Fyfe pointed out, most snakes are not going to hurt people. She said the only time these snakes are likely to bite is if someone tries to move them or they feel threatened.

Fyfe said someone who comes across a rattlesnake should avoid making any sudden movements that might startle the snake, such as running. To learn more, click here.

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