Putnam deputies driving force to help foster teens take the wheel

Officers join Guardian Ad Litem program to teach teens to drive

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PALATKA, Fla. – Approximately 90% of foster kids leave foster care at age 18 without knowing how to drive, but the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is working to change that statistic.

Sheriff H.D. “Gator” Deloach said a  judge will swear in a number of his deputies as Guardians Ad Litem on April 6.

Guardians Ad Litem serve to protect children in foster care and represent their cases in court when needed.

The investiture will allow those deputies to teach teenagers in foster care to drive before they leave foster care.

Deloach said that not being able to drive creates a huge stumbling block for any young person trying to find work, go to school or just navigate our society in general.

The owner of a Palatka car dealership will provide vehicles for the driving lessons.