Restaurant Report: Roaches, rodent droppings force several closures

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Lola's Burrito and Burger Joint in Riverside has offered up shrimp tacos and burritos served with chips and salsa for the last six years. But roaches and rodent droppings in the kitchen recently served up an emergency closure at the restaurant, according to an inspection report.

Customers can enjoy lunch on the patio at the eatery at the corner of King and Herschel streets.

But 17 violations, including five critical violations, prompted the restaurant to shut down last week. 

According to the state health inspection report, more than 40 rodent droppings had to be swept up in the kitchen.

Behind a wall panel, the inspector also spotted a roach.

The owner declined to comment other than to apologize for the inconvenience and emphasize that he's taken care of the problems.

Lola's got the green light to reopen the following day during the inspector's follow-up. 

According to the state website, out of 11 inspections, Lola’s has failed three times. 

Sunrise to Sunset

In Clay County, an inspector spotted 11 rodent droppings on the kitchen floor and hallway at the Sunrise to Sunset diner on Orange Avenue in Green Cove Springs.

A repeat violation was also given for gaskets that had a slimy/mold-like buildup.

With some work and tidying up, the restaurant was able to reopen in just a few hours.

Fongs Restaurant

Back in Jacksonville, an inspector found more than 17 reasons to order a brief closure at the Fongs Restaurant on Atlantic Boulevard.

That's how many roaches were found in the kitchen.

According to the inspection report, a stop sale was issued for noodles, chicken, egg rolls and cream cheese because of temperature abuse.

The staff was quick to fix all the problems.

They went from 11 violations to zero within hours. 

Good report

Chipotle Mexican Grill on U.S. 1 in St. Augustine is shining bright after breezing through its inspection.

Last week, inspectors walked in to a spotless restaurant and clean kitchen.

In the past three years, the restaurant has had seven inspections and nailed every single one.