Dems attack Gov. Scott on website, in ad following Senate run announcement

Questions raised regarding governor's personal wealth

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Democrats wasted little time attacking Gov. Rick Scott, releasing a website titled “Self Serving Scott” along a wave of political ads ahead of his Monday morning announcement for U.S. Senate. 

“He has avoided telling the full truth about how he's increased his personal wealth by $46 million while governor,” the ad says.

The ads call into question Scott’s net worth, which, according to his latest financial disclosure, put him at just shy of $150 million. 

Scott is currently in the midst of a legal dispute, which seeks to see how much money is in his wife’s blind trust. 

“The governor admits that he controls and is the beneficial owner of assets that he's not disclosing,” attorney Don Hinkle said.

Democrats have raised questions regarding whether Scott has used the blind trusts to hide potential profits earned since taking office.

“This blind trust is nothing but a sham so he could personally profit while he was in public office,” Ion Sancho, former Leon County supervisor of elections, said.

Under Florida law, Scott wasn’t required to release the information while governor, but candidates for federal office are required to disclose their spouse’s finances. 

Now that Scott has announced he’s running for Senate, he has 30 days to disclose his wife’s finances, but he could ask for an extension of up to 90 days.

“He does not want to make these disclosures, or he wants to delay them as long as possible into the election process,” Hinkle said.

Florida Democrats have posted a timer on their website, keeping track of how long it takes Scott to disclose his assets after announcing his bid for U.S. Senate.