Inspectors find roaches at 3 Jacksonville restaurants

Jax Diner, Mr. Snappers, Big Pete's close briefly after inspections


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You never want grease drippings, black mold and roaches around your food.

But those were among the things health inspectors found at three eateries in this week's Restaurant Report.

Jax Diner

An inspector found black mold built up on the ice chute in the drink machine at Jax Diner on St. Augustine Road in Lakewood.

According to the inspection report, 10 flies, three live roaches and five dead roaches also prompted an emergency closure.

After two follow-up inspections, Jax Diner was allowed to reopen.

Mr. Snappers

Mr. Snappers Fish & Chicken on Cassat Avenue in Normandy reeled in 11 violations, two of which hooked a brief closure.

An inspector spotted six live roaches.

The inspection report also mentions the kitchen didn't have any soap or towels for employees to wash their hands.

The restaurant reopened the next day after meeting inspection standards.

Big Pete's

In downtown Jacksonville, an inspector found more than 100 things you would never want topping your pizza.

An employee at Big Pete's Pizzeria on Julia Street said the restaurant closed for a day after more than 130 rodent droppings were found.

"Well, it's a surprise because we clean every single day," the employee said. "The first thing when we come in is cleaning and, at the end of the day, we're cleaning. But when they come in on the weekends, you know, we're closed."

He said pest control was ordered and since the inspection, Terminix makes daily visits to treat the restaurant.

Big Pete's Pizzeria reopened the next day without any health violations.