Georgia student shows up to prom in a hearse & casket

(Photo: Alexandrea Clark via Facebook)
(Photo: Alexandrea Clark via Facebook)

The Georgia high school student who showed up to prom in a casket says she had no idea her macabre entrance would create such a buzz.

In a Monday interview with Atlanta’s WXIA-TV, Alexandrea Clark said she was shocked her story reached thousands of people on social media: “I didn’t know that it was going to go that viral.”

According to the television station’s report, Clark arrived at Americus Sumster High School on Saturday evening in the back of a hearse and then climbed out of the casket.

Clark, an aspiring funeral director, said she decided to do it in the hopes of sending a message to her classmates to behave responsibly on prom night.

“I was thinking about my class and how they are going to prom and doing the bad stuff after prom, like having drugs and doing all that,” she told WXIA-TV.

Clark uploaded images of her arrival to Facebook Saturday evening. Her post has since been shared more than 24,000 times and elicited over 3,500 reactions.

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