Gov. Rick Scott hosts roundtable with business leaders in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Florida Gov. Rick Scott is in Jacksonville Wednesday hosting a campaign roundtable with local business leaders.

Before the meeting, Scott stopped by News4Jax for the first time since officially announcing his plans to run for Senate. 

The race to be the Sunshine State's next U.S. senator, a seat currently held by Democrat Bill Nelson, is set up to become one of the most competitive and costly in the nation. 

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Scott shared his efforts to champion more than $10 billion in tax cuts while increasing investments in transportation infrastructure over the past seven and a half years.

“We've got the second lowest per capita taxes in the country now. I'd like to be the lowest. We've cut taxes by $10 billion. We can do the same thing in Washington,” said Scott.

He added that it is time to put people in Washington who will continue the same fight for Florida’s families and job creators. 

“Your government should get more efficient every year. That means your taxes should go down every year. They should figure out a way- just like in business- to be more efficient. Government should get smaller all the time, especially in a state like ours that's growing. The cost of government per person should go down,” said Scott.

He added that good businesses are result oriented, and the same should be expected from our government.