The internet has a few ideas on who could be behind Stormy Daniels' 'thug' sketch

Tom Brady, is that you?


Twitter erupted Tuesday afternoon when adult entertainer Stormy Daniels appeared on "The View" with her lawyer Michael Avenatti and released the sketch of the "thug" who allegedly threatened Daniels over her alleged affair with President Donald Trump. 

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that the sketch was of a "nonexistent man" and that it is "A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!", that didn’t stop people on the internet from speculating who the sketch of the man could be

And because users on Twitter love to have a good laugh, people started hilariously comparing the sketch to none other than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Just have a look below. 


Tom Brady wasn't the only celebrity that Twitter users thought the sketch looked like. Anyone else watch the TV show Dexter?

Or maybe a younger Arnold?

And some even think the puppet version of Matt Damon looks just like the sketch. 

While we seriously hope that the man in the sketch isn't Matt Damon (or any of these celebrities, really), Avenatti announced a $131,000 reward leading to the identification of the person in the sketch. 

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