Hundreds gather for 1st Jacksonville Neighborhood Summit

Attendees learn tools city offers for safety concerns, trash issues, more


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Crime prevention, trash pickup and fighting blight were the top concerns at the first Jacksonville Neighborhood Summit at the Prime Osborne Convention Center on Saturday.

It was a major opportunity for Jacksonville residents to find out how to get results from various city departments, depending on their needs.

City leaders said the goal is to educate the public on who and what department to contact with any issues they may have.

"You don't really know what they have. That's why I came out to see what the city is offering," said resident Cynthia Holmes.

Holmes is just one of hundreds who made their way to the convention center to learn about their rights and what options are available to them through services provided by the city.

"The purpose of this is to educate the community as a whole - it doesn't matter where you live - about the resources that the city provides to its citizens," said Denise Lee, Jacksonville's director of Blight Initiatives.

"You meet people all the time and they say, " Well, I have this problem. " I say, "Well, we have the city Neighborhoods Department back and they would be more than happy to work with you.  We're having a neighborhood summit. Please come out,." Lee said. 

Glenn Luster. who just moved to Springfield, said he attended the summit  here for a lot of reasons, including to learn about crime prevention.

"Actually, I was looking to hook up with the division of disabled services,"  Luster said.

"I'm hoping that it might lead to employment." 

The event included an award ceremony.

You  may remember the Eureka Gardens apartment story we have been covering for year. 

Eureka Gardens is a troubled complex whose tenants rose up to stop violence.  

The head of the tenants association got an award for all the good work she has done for her neighborhood.

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