Burglars smash several car windows at Northside apartment complex

Residents: 13 cars were damaged at The Place at Capper Landing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Burglars busted the windows of at least 13 cars at The Place at Capper Landing apartment complex before dawn Sunday.  Neighbors said one car was stolen in the crime spree.

Broken glass littered the parking lot of the apartment complex on Jacksonville's northside Sunday morning.

"This is just ridiculous," resident Thomas Moore said.

His car's windows were broken; the  glove compartment and center console were opened.

It's the same story for several other victims who found their cars rummaged through and a mess of broken glass in and around their vehicles.

"I don't know what they were looking for.  I don’t know what type of value they thought they would’ve found ," said victim Shasha Norman.

"They said usually what they’re looking for is money or guns,"  victim Sharon Johnson said.

Many people said the crooks didn't actually steal anything significant, but they did leave them with a new out-of-pocket expense.

"People work hard for their stuff, so why mess with other people's stuff ?" Norman said.

Moore and other victims hope police find whoever is responsible.

"You have to respect someone's property. If it's not yours, don't go and try to bust somebody's window open. You don't know exactly how that person is living, what that person is going through at the time in their life, so just leave it alone," Moore said.



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