Jacksonville police try to solve home invasion robbery

Homeowner says he was beaten and his daughter tied up

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville police are looking for two robbers who broke into a Riverbrook home and brutally beat a man living there.

The homeowner’s wife said her husband was tased and the robbers tied her daughter up as they ransacked the home looking for valuables Thursday around 9 a.m. 

The Riverbrook neighborhood is just off of Glen Kernan Parkway on the Southside of Jacksonville.

The homeowner is now out of the hospital and recovering from his injuries, but the robbers got away with thousands of dollars worth of valuables, jewelry and guns.

The victim said the robbers took a 2018 Ducati Super Sport motorcycle which they drove away.

The homeowners say the robbers entered through the back door, tied their daughter up and began tasing and beating the husband. 

Neighbors said they didn’t see anything, but it scares them.

Juliann Maurer lives in Riverbrook.

"I don’t necessarily know the people that the break in happened to. But I know the neighbors walk around on the sidewalks a lot and we have definitely come together to see what happened and how everyone else is reacting to it," Maurer said. 

"I kind of make sure your doors are locked more often. I know that’s something I need to work on myself," Maurer said. 

Anthony Liggins lives in a Riverbrook neighborhood on Glen Kernan Pkwy. He says hearing the news of his neighbors’ home being robbed is scary.

"I have had no issues at all. I’ve had none at all. I’ve seen no troubles. I’m here like 90 percent of my time. I have not seen anything at all," Liggins said. 

News4Jax has requested the police report filed on the incident.