What is your favorite 'Schoolhouse Rock!' anthem?

Remembering Bob Dorough, the man behind the best 'Schoolhouse Rock!' tunes

The man behind many of the "Schoolhouse Rock!" classics like "Conjunction Junction" and "Shot Heard Round the World," Bob Dorough, died Monday morning of natural causes at his home in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press. 

While Dorough was an accomplished jazz musician and composer, his work for "Schoolhouse Rock!" will live forever in the hearts of people who grew up in the '70s, '80s and early '90s. 

Dorough was the mastermind behind the entire "Multiplication Rocks" series that taught children everywhere how to multiply. Some of the catchier songs he wrote and composed were "Three Is a Magic Number" and "Elementary, My Dear." 

After the success of the "Multiplication Rocks" series, Dorough went on to create other "Schoolhouse Rock!" songs like "Conjunction Function" and "Shot Heard Round the World." 

So what Dorough classic "Schoolhouse Rock!" song was your favorite growing up? Vote in the poll below. 


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