Jacksonville mayor says no more citations after military flag flak

Mayor issues directive to city departments on military flags

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – City of Jacksonville inspectors won't be issuing any more citations over the flying of military flags after Mayor Lenny Curry issued a directive Tuesday, following a public relations fiasco sparked by an inspector warning a Jacksonville business for flying such flags.

The inspector, Melinda Power, issued the warning citation April 16 to Jaguar Power Sports for a rooftop display that includes two U.S. flags, a Jacksonville Jaguars flag and flags representing every branch of the military. 

Power was then caught on video in a confrontation with a customer who objected to the citation. The customer happened to be a combat-wounded veteran.

Power and her supervisor, who was present during the incident, were both suspended with pay pending an investigation. City officials could not be reached on Tuesday when News4Jax tried to inquire about their employment status. 

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Curry previously told News4Jax that he personally apologized to the veteran and the business owners.

“I expect when they're interacting with business owners, citizens and veterans, to treat them with dignity and respect," Curry said. "It appears, based on what I've seen up to this point, that's not what happened yesterday."

Curry, who had said the city would be reviewing its policies related to military flag displays, issued a directive Tuesday "to clarify and expand our citizens' opportunity to honor our nation, our state, and the men and women who serve our military."

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The directive orders city departments to stop enforcing Jacksonville's sign ordinance as it relates to flying official flags for the United States, the state of Florida, or the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, as well as POW-MIA flags.

The suspension of enforcement related to the military flags will remain in effect until further notice, Curry wrote.

Jaguars Power Sports managers said the last week has been a whirlwind, and they're thankful things are moving forward and the city will no longer be able to issue citations over military flags. 

“I think it is phenomenal -- good for the city of Jacksonville and good for Mayor Lenny Curry. That is amazing," sales manager Marcy Moyer told News4Jax on Tuesday, several hours after the mayor issued the directive.

Moyer said Jaguar Power Sports is glad to have brought light to the issue and to have inspired the city to create change for other businesses in the future.  

“Who knew little ol' us was going to make such an impact that they would actually change the legislation. So awesome. Congrats to everyone," she said. "This is not a victory as much for Jaguar Power Sports as it is for the city of Jacksonville.”

With the outpouring of support Jaguar Power Sports has received from all over the country, the store is proud to keep flying military flags.

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