Marking the spot, lighting the way to increase pedestrian safety

New safety campaign kicks off at dangerous Jacksonville intersection


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new pedestrian safety campaign called Care More Crossing Beach Boulevard was kicked off Saturday in an effort to reduce the high number of pedestrian deaths along that road. 

It's focused on a 2.3 mile stretch of Beach Boulevard between Southside Boulevard and I-295, an area that has proven to be dangerous and even deadly for people on bike and on foot. 

Representatives of the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization said 66 people were hurt or killed here between 2012 and 2016.

Saturday the members of the organization handed out LED lights and reflective bracelets they hope will help save lives

"If we are in the car, (remember) there are pedestrians out there, there are cyclists out there and we all have to share the same area, the same space, and we need to be respectful of each other, and we need to be careful with each other," Marci Larson, North Florida TPO spokesperson said.

The North Florida TPO also displayed new painted warnings on sidewalks along Beach Boulevard to remind pedestrians to play it safe. 

Amanda West often walks up and down Beach Boulevard with her three kids. She says it can get scary and that she's even been knocked off her bicycle by a driver she says was in a hurry and never looked her way.

"I just try to pay attention to the cars and people illegally turning when I'm crossing driveways to get in. I constantly have to watch my back all the time," West said.

The safety campaign runs through the end of May.

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