Man making cross-country trip after Jacksonville flag controversy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A video out of Jacksonville received national attention after it went viral when a Jacksonville city inspector walked into a Cedar Hills Estate business to issue a warning citation over the display of military flags. 

One man in California saw it, and wanted to thank the business. 

Chris Coffelt from Atwater, California is a disabled Veteran and says he saw our video on Jaguar Power Sports. He says he was moved to help, and will be flying to Jacksonville on May 1 to give the business a custom made parking sign. 

"I am flying over and driving to Jaguar Power Sports to deliver a very special sign that I am making just for them." Coffelt told News4Jax. 

The specialty sign is for Combat Wounded Veterans Parking, and will have the Jaguar logo on it at the bottom.

"I have also reached out to the Mayor and invited him to meet with me there to present the sign because i thought that might provide a little healing between the City, the Veterans, and Jaguar Power Sports," Coffelt said.  

Coffelt said he has not heard back from the mayor, but will keep us updated.

Coffelt has also made a similar sign that he is going to drive and give to Fort Benning.

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