Pests land two Jacksonville restaurants in hot water

Repeat offenders creep back into Restaurant Report

File photos of Tamarind Thai and Hook Fish & Chicken
File photos of Tamarind Thai and Hook Fish & Chicken

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Repeat offenders crept back into Restaurant Report.

According to state regulators' records, pests were found at a Thai restaurant and at a chicken diner in Jacksonville

On Riverside Avenue, a triple-offender was shut down for the same issues with pests.

Tamarind Thai had back-to-back emergency closures in December and January.

But inspectors said the reoccurring problem with pests prompted a third closure.

Last week, health inspectors said, seven live roaches crawled their way into an oven and near a stove.

Records show more were found the next day inside an electrical outlet.

On an inspector's third visit, the restaurant passed and got back to business without any pests.

On Myrtle Avenue, Hook Fish & Chicken lured in six high-priority violations.

An emergency closure was ordered when an inspector found 63 rodent droppings in the manager's office and near the hot water heater. Additionally, records show, eight flies were spotted in the dining room during the inspection.

It took three visits for the inspector to re-open the restaurant. One fly got away and the inspector gave the staff an extension to fix the problem.

Hook Fish & Chicken now has a follow-up inspection set.