Pests land two Jacksonville restaurants in hot water

Repeat offenders creep back into Restaurant Report

File photos of Tamarind Thai and Hook Fish & Chicken
File photos of Tamarind Thai and Hook Fish & Chicken

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Repeat offenders crept back into Restaurant Report.

According to state regulators' records, pests were found at a Thai restaurant and at a chicken diner in Jacksonville

On Riverside Avenue, a triple-offender was shut down for the same issues with pests.

Tamarind Thai had back-to-back emergency closures in December and January.

But inspectors said the reoccurring problem with pests prompted a third closure.

Last week, health inspectors said, seven live roaches crawled their way into an oven and near a stove.

Records show more were found the next day inside an electrical outlet.

On an inspector's third visit, the restaurant passed and got back to business without any pests.