Tour boat captain helps rescue family in St. Augustine

Family of 3 and their dog capsized near Porpoise Point

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – A family of three and their dog were rescued after the boat they were on capsized Sunday in the St. Augustine Inlet near Porpoise Point. 

Captain James Tulk, one of the men credited with helping rescue the family, was passing by on an Old City Tours of St. Augustine tour boat. He and 24 sightseers were looking for dolphins and watching the sunset when Tulk spotted a man, woman, young boy and their dog alongside a 16 foot boat that had overturned.

"They all fortunately had life preservers on but stuff - debris was all over the place," Tulk said.

Tulk said he and his first mate were able to pull the family from the water. They were cold and frightened but otherwise OK, Tulk said. He notified the Coast Guard about what happened and crews arrived shortly after.

"I have to give accolades to the Coast Guard guys," Tulk said. "Even though it was a little nerve-racking we knew exactly what to do."

It's unclear how long the family was in the water before being rescued. Investigators said a wake from a larger boat may be to blame for the accident, but the official cause wasn't immediately determined.

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