Jacksonville woman rescues kitten thrown from car


DUVAL COUNTY – A Jacksonville woman rescued a kitten thrown out of a moving car and into a fence on Friday. It happened in Arlington.

Aline Strand told News4Jax she was driving near the Corner of Merrill Road and Cesery Boulevard when she saw a furry animal go flying.

Strand says amazingly, the kitten did not appear to be hurt, and is doing just fine now. She says she can't keep the kitten, and hopes to find it a good home.

Aline Srand contacted us, because this isn't the first time she's been in this situation. In 2016, she was flagged down by a man who saw a kitten thrown into the Arlington River. The kitten was rescued, and she took it in for awhile. A woman saw out story then and adopted it. Strand and she have been best friends since. 


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