TPC Sawgrass organizers prepare for warm, humid weekend

Saturday temperatures in Ponte Vedra near 90°

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PONTE VEDRA, Fla. – May is known for its storms, sea breezes and steamy weather conditions, yet it appears Mother Nature may have been kinder than usual to this year's Player’s Championship. 

Despite the relatively comfortable conditions, Nthere's one element of the weather that remains relentless - the heat. 

The tournament started out with temperatures in the 80s, but weekend highs will flirt with the 90s.

With Iittle to no cloud cover the beaming sun is brightening up the greens and heating up players and spectators.

"It's hot, it's humid. These seats are awesome," Adam Macero, TPC spectator. 
Marcero and his buddy Phillip Conrad  found some relief while sitting on the events special cooling benches.

"There's like fans and constant AC running through this back panel and it keeps it cold. This back panel is really cold," said Macero.

If the cooling benches and fans don't cool you off, tournament goers have also found refuge from the heat at first aid stations like these set up at various locations around the course.

Nicole Blackwielder is one of the many medical workers at the tournament providing aid to people overcome by the oppressive heat.

"So we always stress please drink water before you come out here and keep drinking while you are out here. It's a beautiful day, the weather is gorgeous, but you definitely need to drink water," said Blackwelder.
"In fact, you should keep an eye out for water coolers while at Sawgrass, because doctor's say when it's warm outside you should drink two to four glasses of water every hour.

"Most people they come out here already dehydrated, then they start walking around getting in the sun and all of sudden it overwhelms them pretty quick," said Stewart Williams, a PGA TOUR meteorologist. 

If you do suffer a heat emergency the medical team says help is not far.

"You can ask anyone for help, the marshals and all of the volunteers on the course are trained, they know to call for first aid, if they need help they just make that call," said Blackwelder.

Before you head out to the tournament remember to drink plenty of water, bring additional water with you, put on sunscreen and wear light color clothing.